How can you find out if a home has a criminal history?

House Creep Screenshot as of August 7, 2014
House Creep Screenshot as of August 7, 2014

Have you ever wondered if a house you are looking at has a criminal history?  Now thanks to you can search listings to see if anyone has died in the home, drugs have been sold or grown, or even if a famous person used to live there.

HouseCreepScreenShot2 is a growing database and they invite members to add to their database using personal accounts and photographs.  They do encourage users to include the external sources/URL’s that can verify the information and you do have the opportunity to flag a report that you believe to be false.

There are currently 23,222 Places and 23,292 Events listed to date and it’s growing every day.  The website was started last year by brothers Albert and Robert Armieri who were searching for a place to live in Toronto, Canada.  Neither brother has experience in real estate however they would like to have the real estate world use their website as well as contribute to it.  “Our dream would be to create a society of informed buyers, renters and realtors,” said Albert.



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