Low Inventory and Price Increases in DFW Real Estate

It appears this ‘seller’s market’ in DFW is still going strong! Thanks to an extremely low inventory of homes for sale, current DFW home values are increasing by the day. In some cases, homes prices are up $20,000-$40,000 in just one year’s time! In addition, with such low inventory in the DFW housing market, buyers are fighting over homes the very day they hit the market, driving up the final sale price.

According to The Dallas Morning News: “Home prices in North Texas are now at a record high. And Dallas prices in the Case-Shiller index are now 13 percent ahead of where they were at the peak of the housing market before the recession. […] Dallas-area home prices are currently rising at almost twice the long-term average rate, driven by a shortage of supply and an annual population growth of more than 100,000” (http://www.dallasnews.com/business/residential-real-estate/20150331-dallas-among-top-u.s.-markets-for-home-price-increases.ece).

If you or someone you know is interested in seeing how much your home’s value has increased, local North Texas expert realtor, Angelina Cook with DFW Realty by Design, would be happy to set-up a listing consultation with you. Whether you are in Arlington, Fort Worth, Dallas, or elsewhere in North Texas, this strong seller’s market is such an amazing opportunity to take advantage of your home’s increased value. Don’t let this market pass you by – it won’t last forever!

Contact Angelina Cook

Ph: 817.217.7779

Email: angelina@dfwrbd.com

Facebook: DFW Realty by Design

Website: http://www.dfwrbd.com

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