Summer 5K Races in DFW

Heat + Humidity = Summer in DFW.

If you’re a runner, you know the summer season in North Texas brings a special mix of obstacles and challenges to keep your runs “interesting”, to say the least. Most of us tweak our typical workouts for summer by: running earlier in the morning or after sunset; doing less mileage; hydrating double-time; incorporating more cross-training like, spin class, swimming; running in the AC (aka the treadmill), etc.

Racing also undergoes a big change in the summer. In most warm places, like the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, the majority of races are shorter distances and take place early in the morning or later in the evening – around 7 or 8pm. This is why summer is 5K season!  The 5K distance is short and sweet; however, under the brutal summer conditions, it is ‘long enough’ for even the most seasoned runner.

A summer 5K race is the perfect time to run your very first 5K or an opportunity to break your personal record! Take advantage of the easy-going, laid-back summer vibes and cruise into a 5K PR or cross your very first 5K finish line! See Runner’s World’s 5K Training Plans for all levels and goals:

Pick a race, sign up and set a goal! You are much more likely to stick to your training plans if you sign up and commit to a race. Even veteran runners don’t want to run a marathon (or even a half) in the summer – so why not make this the time to shatter your 5K personal best? Check out all the many 5K races you can run this summer, right here in Dallas-Fort Worth:

So, let’s embrace the heat, set some new goals and rock the 5K this summer! Don’t forget your water 🙂


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